Marissa Adame
Shindipen Reiki Master Healer

Shindipen(Mystery Teachings)
Rei(Universal)KI (Life Energy)

In the journey through understanding my aptitude for Empathy, I was directed to Reiki. Having a few treatments myself, the knowledge and understanding of empathic perspective and the realization that it is aligned with being a healer by nature surfaced. I wholeheartedly committed, surrendered and attuned to Reiki healing energy and to the source from which it comes to remember my spiritual path. It is my privilege to share this gift with the whole of humanity in remembering their true-self and finding the healing they need to fulfill their purpose.

* Certified Shindipen / Usui Reiki Master Teacher
* Theta Healing
* Distance Reiki
* Soul Retrieval / Past Trauma Healing
* Understanding Emotions, How to heal & Release Emotional Blocks
* Retrieving Your Power
* Sound Therapy
* Crystal Therapy
* Spiritual Coaching
* Pet Reiki
* Reiki Henna Tattoos

3 Pillar wellness session

Time Commitment – 45 minutes and up
Price – $111.00

Three Pillar Wellness is a combination of three modalities to help promote healing.

*Theta Healing – (Reconnect) Theta brainwave is the state between the conscious and the subconscious mind. Within this state we access source energy to reconnect to promote healing.

*Universal Grid Realignment – (Realign) to Universal, planetary and physical grid lines. (Meridian or ley lines)

*Reiki – (Rebalance) – Reiki means Universal Life Force or Universal Life Energy. Reiki promotes healing emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually to rebalance the energy centers.

reiki session

Time Commitment – 45 minutes and up
Price – $75.00

Reiki means Universal life energy or life force. Practitioners are the conduit for healing energies and is applied within healing aspects. Reiki brings rebalance to underactive or overactive energy centers.

energy reading

Time Commitment – 20 minutes and up
Price – $50.00

Smudging, cleansing, sealing rips and tears, reading the Chakras and energy bodies within the auric field. Promotes healing and rebalances the energy centers.

Marissa is absolutely incredible. Regardless if you get an energy healing session, a reading, or take one of her courses, the information that she gives you to help you heal and move forward despite what is holding you back is extremely helpful. Her 3 Pillar sessions helped to relieve my anxiety and insomnia.

– Brea Lara

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