path to self mastery

Marissa Adame
Shindipen Reiki Master Healer

Shindipen(Mystery Teachings)
Rei(Universal)KI (Life Energy)

In the journey through understanding my aptitude for Empathy, I was directed to Reiki. Having a few treatments myself, the knowledge and understanding of empathic perspective and the realization that it is aligned with being a healer by nature surfaced. I wholeheartedly committed, surrendered and attuned to Reiki healing energy and to the source from which it comes to remember my spiritual path. It is my privilege to share this gift with the whole of humanity in remembering their true-self and finding the healing they need to fulfill their purpose.

* Certified Shindipen / Usui Reiki Master Teacher
* Theta Healing
* Distance Reiki
* Soul Retrieval / Past Trauma Healing
* Understanding Emotions, How to heal & Release Emotional Blocks
* Retrieving Your Power
* Sound Therapy
* Crystal Therapy
* Spiritual Coaching
* Pet Reiki
* Reiki Henna Tattoos

Are YOU ready for positive change, self mastery, and understanding? Marissa Adame has put together a course to help you gain the knowledge to help you become your true and most powerful self! The course focuses on understanding yourself and how you work through emotions and thoughts. It focuses on the energy bodies to help give you a full picture of how emotions and energy actually works.This is a one on one fully interactive 6 week course.

Throughout the course you will acquire:
Understanding the emotional energy body
Understanding Emotions and how to move through them
Techniques to remove traumatic emotional attachments
Understanding the Spirit energy body
Learning about psychic gifts
Techniques to progress spiritually
Guided meditations
How to meditate
Techniques for advanced meditation
Understanding the Mental Body
How to calm the mind
Understanding the Physical energy body
How to calm the mind, body, & spirit
Understanding Energies and vibrations
How the Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Spirit energy bodies work together.

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