3 Pillar Wellness

Marissa Adame
Shindipen Reiki Master Healer

Shindipen (Mystery Teachings)
Rei (Universal) KI (Life Energy)

In the journey through understanding my aptitude for Empathy, I was directed to Reiki. Having a few treatments myself, the knowledge and understanding of empathic perspective and the realization that it is aligned with being a healer by nature surfaced. I wholeheartedly committed, surrendered and attuned to Reiki healing energy and to the source from which it comes to remember my spiritual path. It is my privilege to share this gift with the whole of humanity in remembering their true-self and finding the healing they need to fulfill their purpose.

* Certified Shindipen / Usui Reiki Master Teacher
* Theta Healing
* Distance Reiki
* Soul Retrieval / Past Trauma Healing
* Understanding Emotions, How to heal & Release Emotional Blocks
* Retrieving Your Power
* Sound Therapy
* Crystal Therapy
* Spiritual Coaching
* Pet Reiki
* Reiki Henna Tattoos

What is 3 Pillar Wellness?

Theta Healing – Universal Grid Realignment – Reiki

These 3 modalities are a powerful tool to move into and through healing and regain understanding.

Reconnecting, Realigning, and Rebalancing.

3 Pillar wellness is a combination of techniques to aid in spiritual awareness, growth and healing. Using Reiki and experiences in healing her own emotional traumas, Marissa Adame has gained the understanding and the uses of these methods to help her clients heal through traumas both physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Reconnect. Realign. Rebalance.

Theta healing

Theta brainwave is the state between the conscious and unconscious mind. In this deeply meditative state, the practitioner becomes the bridge to access and reestablish connection with Source Energy and enables healing to release unwanted belief systems and programs that are inset from traumas and transmuted back to the creator’s light. Applied with Reiki and The Universal Grid Realignment, this is a powerful and prominent healing practice. A theta meditation was created and is introduced at the end of the session for the client to utilize and practice in their everyday life.

Universal grid realignment

Universal Grid Realignment is reconnecting to the universal energy grid which consists of not only our universal energy grid but our planetary grid, our etheric grid along with meridian’s that exists within our physical body. The realignment also consists of aligning to the new energies that are taking shape within our Universe and reigniting your own personal electronic pattern (your Merkaba) for easier movement within this system. This reconnection entails balance of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.


Reiki means Universal life energy or life force. Practitioners are the conduit for healing energies and is applied within healing aspects. Reiki brings rebalance to underactive or overactive energy centers.

Combined, these 3 modalities are a powerful tool to
Reconnect – Realign – Rebalance

As a practitioner I believe firmly in “healers healing healers” and often go outside of my own modality to get work done. 3 Pillar Wellness is the perfect program to benefit from when I am feeling off from other spiritual work or when I just need a tune up.

-Tio Muerte

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