3 Pillar Wellness is a combination of techniques, courses, and programs created to help aid in spiritual awareness, growth, and healing. 3 Pillar Wellness was created by Marissa Adame through Reiki and experiences in healing her own emotional traumas. She helps others step into their true purpose. Dive into your own experiences and traumas to take action and flow into progress.


Marissa is a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and the Creator of 3 Pillar Wellness and its programs. This includes 3 Pillar Sessions, Empowerment Coaching, Spiritual Advisor, Courses, Crystal Therapy, Sound Therapy and Activation Attunements. She is an Intuitive Channel to Angels, Guides, Spirit and Energy (Aura, Chakra, Planetary) that is translated into messages and activation artwork. She has a clear understanding of energy healing, the subtle bodies & their functions and executes solutions for clients to release what no longer serves and step forward into their true path.



3 Pillar wellness is a combination of techniques to aid in spiritual awareness, growth and healing. Using Reiki and experiences in healing her own emotional traumas, Marissa Adame has gained the understanding and the uses of these methods to help her clients heal through traumas both physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Reconnect. Realign. Rebalance.


Reiki means Universal life energy or life force. Practitioners are the conduit for healing energies and is applied within healing aspects. Reiki brings rebalance to underactive or overactive energy centers.


Smudging, cleansing, sealing rips and tears, reading the Chakras and energy bodies within the auric field. Promotes healing and rebalances the energy centers.

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Marissa is absolutely incredible! Regardless if you get an energy healing session, a reading, or take one of her courses the information and tools that she gives you to help you grow and move forward despite what is holding you back is extremely helpful. Her 3 Pillar sessions helped to relieve my anxiety and insomnia.

— Brea Lara

Marissa and 3 Pillar Wellness is definitely something to experience. The balance, realignment, and peace it brings has helped me in countless ways. She is truly one of a kind.

— Janice Thompson


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